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We fight to get your modification

When a bank denies your modification we appeal based on the government guidelines bank’s internal modification process, MHA-C review, banking regulations and others. We understand very well what the bank needs to do to be compliant with the MHA regulations

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We Provide Top Notch Court Counseling

If we have determined that you are a good candidate for a modification, and you have decided that a modification would lead to the best permanent solution for you, then we will focus all of our efforts on getting that

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We Are Attorneys


When you hire us, you are represented by a law firm with some of the best attorneys, paralegals and banking professionals at your service. Our Attorneys have years of experience in the courtroom and the boardroom. We have litigated some

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We Offer A Free Phone Call To Your Bank

If you are currently working with another company and you would like to get a second opinion or check on the status of your loan we can make a free phone call to your bank with you and a member

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We Offer A Free Initial Strategy Session

Our free initial strategy session will help you assess you the various options available to you. Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to keep your property. Other times, there could be other obstacles that prevent a modification from being a viable

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We Have The Experience

A common reason why modifications fail is because of the inexperience of the professionals responsible for submitting the application on your behalf. My team has more than 8 years of experience specializing in obtaining successful modification for our clients. We

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We Have An Open Door Policy


One of the biggest complaints we hear from clients coming from other companies or attorneys is that they find out that nothing was done on their case despite paying good money to get help. We understand this concern and go

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We Guarantee Our Work


As long as you fully cooperate with us in providing the information requested by your bank or loan servicer, and yet we are unable to obtain a modification of your loan after several attempts, we will provide a partial refund

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We Get Principal Reductions

In addition to pursuing a mortgage modification, if the circumstances provide, we also fight for a principal reduction on your mortgage. The US Treasury Department has issued guidelines to lenders encouraging them to consider principal reducitons, but very few lenders

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We Give Results


We guarantee that our work is going to be done within the timeframes and in the manner explained to you at the outset of the process. While every case is different and we can’t guarantee outcomes, our process has been

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